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Query Session Status (22)

Query Session Status (22)

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Query Session Status (22)

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Check status of the currently connected session


Data String: 18 character buffer to receive the information, first character should be initialized to blank or null, or the alpha identifier (A..Z) of the session


Data Length: 18 if STRLEN is active, otherwise if STREOT, ignored




Data String: A mapped buffer with the following format:


Byte 1

Short name session ID (A...Z plus chars)

Bytes 2-9

Long name session ID (SESSnnn where nnn is numerid ID of the session starting with 1)

Byte 10

Session type: "D" for 3270 Host,  "F" for 5250 host,

"V" for VT100 host

Byte 11

0 = base attributes, no programmed symbols support

Bytes 12-13

Number of rows in the active session (binary number)

Bytes 14-15

Number of columns in the active session (binary)

Bytes 16-17

Host code page (not supported by FlyHLLAPI)

Byte 18



RetCode: WHLLNOTCONNECTED if no active session